Is a Micro Wedding for You?

What are Micro Weddings? Micro weddings are often defined as small and intimate gathering to celebrate a couple’s marriage. Typically, a micro wedding has no more than 50 guests still featuring traditions that make up a wedding just on a smaller scale. With COVID-19, there’s been an increase in micro weddings since safety restrictions have significantly reduced wedding numbers. Having a smaller wedding doesn’t make it any less of a wedding. 


The number of guests you invite can have an influence on your wedding cost. Having a smaller guest count can reduce the cost of your wedding. Budget can be a reason to choose a micro wedding however, with less people couples have the option to spend more for wedding celebrations such as having a destination wedding and creating memorable, adventurous experiences with those closest to them. Micro weddings like any type of wedding can be as indulgent or budgeted as you want it to be. 


Micro weddings allow for couples to think outside the box when it comes to planning. Couples have the the freedom and flexibility to be more creative since large traditional weddings often can come with a formalities, expectations and requirements such as large number of guests needing to be entertained and accommodated for. Organizing a smaller wedding can be less stressful due to less restrictions. 


The smaller the guest count, the more time to really interact with guests. Instead of your day being a quick “Welcome” and “Thank you for coming”, a micro wedding allows for a more intimate and flowing vibe. Fewer guests allows more time for quality conversation with those closest to you in the excitement of your magical day.

At the end of the day, it’s important for couples to know that it’s truly about the marriage. It is a special day for you and your partner, you should do what brings you joy and peace of mind. Not to say that having a large wedding is a bad thing.  Being surrounded by lots of people who care about you during one of the most significant moments of your life can be a wonderful and thrilling experience. However, there are alternatives open to you if a large wedding is not your thing and if you’re planning a wedding during COVID-19. A micro wedding allows for you to be surrounded by the people you love and gives you the space and time to enjoy each other at this exciting time of celebration.

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