Things to Consider Before Booking a Venue

Planning a dream wedding usually begins with finding the right venue, but the process isn’t always easy. Choosing your wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you will make during the planning process. It’s an important decision of the wedding planning process because it sets the tone for your special day and helps to establish a theme, color scheme and guest list size.

What is the capacity?

This is perhaps the most important question when considering a venue. It’s important that the venue capacity can match your approximate guest count. If you are envisioning a large wedding, then a small, intimate venue probably isn’t for you. Even though you might not know your exact guest list, make sure to leave some room for plus ones and people you may have forgotten.

Is this within my budget?

When you set a budget, make sure you figure out how much of it you are willing to spend on a venue, and how much of it you want to set aside for other things such as flowers, decorations, vendors and etc. If the venue is the most important aspect of your wedding for then it could be worth the spending. It’s key is to make sure during the planning process you make a priority list for your budget. 

What are the aesthetics of the venue?

Pay attention to the feelings you get when you enter the space for the first time, because this is how your guests will feel when they walk into your wedding. Do the aesethics fit your style? Is it Modern? Rustic? Boho? Take into account what style wedding you want to help you choose the venues you need to visit because all venues are different and unique with their own appeals. 

What do the wedding packages include?

Before even considering a venue, you should make sure you know the pricing and what wedding packages the venue offers and what they include. Make sure you also know what you need and don’t need when it comes to deciding on a wedding package. Are there chair and tables? Is catering? What are the rules for alcohol? Are there extra fees for clean-up? Any on-site accommodations? Make sure you’re clear about exactly what you’re paying for.


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