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Where Adventure and
Serenity Meet

At Upscale Cascades we offer WhimsIcal,
Enchanting and Rustic Luxury

There is something enchanting about the forest.  Towering trees, shady groves and rustic decor makes for a magical atmosphere.  Come getaway and celebrate with your family and friends here. This woodland escape is nestled between national parks Mount Rainier and Mount St Helens. Where adventure and serenity meet. 

Photo Excursions

Enchanted Events

What fairytales are made of. 

Family Time

Endless fun activities for all ages for the perfect vacation

Make Memories

Woodland Escape


Rest for the weary bones and souls.



Come celebrate love with us!

Wedding Packages


Woodland backdrop provides a unique setting for enjoyment.


Things to Do

Hiking, Food, Places to see!

Things to Do